Live if you believe me, do not wait until tomorrow. Gather today the roses of life

Pierre de Ronsard (1424-1585)

There are at least 8 species of roses that dot the landscaped garden. Firstly, the famous rose of Ronsard, which is climbing up the back facade of the house which enchants us with its pale pink, on sunny days. But also an explosion of roses powdered with white, pink, red, yellow, fuchsia, orange salmon … that sneak among the other flowers of the garden, camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons.

Multiple fruit trees, cherry trees, apple trees, Queen-Claude plums, kiwi trees … decorate the landscape of the garden.

Standing at the end of the property, the Centennial Oak of America watches over this setting, which has inspired poets to write a score of poetry and hymns to life.

A magical and enchanting place, silence only punctuated by birdsong, which is ideal to meditate, rest, relax and enjoy a joyous symphony of colors!

The Terrace

Our terrace is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the floral sweetness of the garden, while you are soothed by the singing birds.

You can enjoy the various garden furniture and deckchairs at your disposal for an aperitif or savor the gourmet products from our region, after your day of discovery.